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Club runs for 3rd and 4th April

Posted: 28 Mar 2021 16:44
by WorcsPhil
Yes, after a 3-month hiatus, club runs are back next weekend....break open your prosecco gels...

Many of you will have seen British Cycling's guidance rules on club runs, which in summary are:

- Organised group rides are able to take place up to a max of 15 (this is not a target, but a maximum).
- Test and trace protocols must be in place
- One metre social distancing when riding, two metre whilst not riding
- No equipment sharing, food sharing, all to be self-sufficient.
- Rider hygiene is paramount - i.e. no snot rockets!!
- No groups to congregate at the start, hence staggered starts are recommended.

Given this, we will retain our system of a maximum of six riders on club runs for the time being, as this seems a more sensible approach to us than groups of 15 careering around the countryside. In any case, groups of six are the maximum in any social setting, i.e. shops/takeaways or cafes when they re-open on the 12th April.

Paid-up Beacon members and those new to club rides who want to try to it out are therefore very welcome to join up by signing up to a club run in advance on this message board, which is our recognised trace policy should anybody fall ill after a ride, i.e. it enables us to identify all riders who may be affected. Please can volunteers post to lead an A, B, C ride this coming Easter weekend (Saturday or Sunday) by posting (IN A SEPARATE THREAD) details of your ride (speed, distance, any stops etc), and mark as RIDE FULL when 5 riders have joined you. If others have posted a start time, then please suggest a different start time for your ride to remove large groups congregating at the Black Horse.

As cafes are not open for the first two weeks of this resumption, we recommend non-stop Beacon Bursts (which also have a limit of 6 riders) although longer rides with a shop/takeaway are also encouraged.

If the rides are full and you fancy riding, then why not post an additional it and they will come!

In runs are back, post on the message board if you can lead.