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XC Mountain-biking

Post by Santacatarina19 » 08 Jul 2017 21:37

Hello, can someone help me? I'm interested in getting into cross-country mountainbike racing. Can someone get back to me regarding this please, thankyou.

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Re: XC Mountain-biking

Post by CakeStop » 08 Jul 2017 21:43

Thanks for your interest in Beacon Roads Cycling Club Axell. Hopefully some of our members who also enjoy MTB will be able to advise.
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Re: XC Mountain-biking

Post by dweben » 12 Jul 2017 19:32

If it's proper XC racing then a good start would be Midlands XC


You can pick the level of ability you think you're at and compete in it. I've done it in the past. It's bloody hard!

There's also a number of mid week racing events dotted around the place but probably not BC affiliated. If you want to try XC but at longer distances there's the more commercial type things like Wiggle series, mtb-marathon, etc etc

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Re: XC Mountain-biking

Post by Hels147 » 17 Jul 2017 08:16

There's also two races that are done at Cannock. The spring series and the summer series.
I was hoping to do both this year as an intro to XC racing, but had a crash before the first and a clash with the second! It might be worth having a look at those?
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