Club Handicap Championship RESULTS

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martin mc
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Club Handicap Championship RESULTS

Post by martin mc » 21 Jun 2017 22:48

The clubs handicap competition was held this evening on K32/20 course. The times were as follows

Xavier Disley 48:48 Aerocoach
Gareth Scott 48:52 Bicicielo
Roger Cutler 49:36
Jessica Rhodes-Jones 49:59
Simon Dighton 50:47
Daniel Newns 53:55
Phil Richards 54:15
Neil Orchard 54:17
Keith Adcock 55:36
Phil Gameson 55:45
Gemma Johnson 56:07
Ian Taylor 56:08
Richard Kings 56:46
Sam Dighton 57:34

Congratulations to all, very hot & humid conditions. Subject to confirmation by Simon I believe this makes Gemma Johnson the winner of the Club Handicap Championship for this year so well done Gemma. Thanks to Dave Cole, Chris Hudson, Dave & Anne Hughes for marshalling & Karen Kings for assisting with timekeeping.
Our next club TT will be our 10 mile club championship on K34/10D course on 5th July, roadworks permitting. The big question on the day will doubtless be can Neil Orchard turn the tables on his nemesis Phil Richards?

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Re: Club Handicap Championship RESULTS

Post by neilo » 21 Jun 2017 23:18

Thankyou to everyone for giving up your time on this lovely long evening, and I WILL be winning my 50p back off the ginge of Elmbridge (if he has a bad day)

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Re: Club Handicap Championship RESULTS

Post by George » 21 Jun 2017 23:28

Congratulations, Gemma!

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Re: Club Handicap Championship RESULTS

Post by Gemma_j1983 » 22 Jun 2017 10:37

Thanks to everyone last night, was a great race.
And to everyone who gave me loads of advice to help me improve


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Re: Club Handicap Championship RESULTS

Post by WorcsPhil » 22 Jun 2017 11:16

Thanks to Martin and all the helpers and marshalls last's greatly appreciated

Yes, great ride,'re improving massively and have a real talent here!

...and yes, the battle between me and Neil is great fun...he beat me by 3 seconds in the first one, I beat him by 2 seconds in the second and again 2 seconds last night, so after 38 miles of TT'ing, we are only one second apart....but it is a massive one second, a lifetime in some respects :D Spooky!

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Re: Club Handicap Championship RESULTS

Post by RichK » 22 Jun 2017 11:43

Thanks all. The marshalls were very much appreciated indicating the start of the dodgyest spots. I wouldn't have been surprised if somebody had come off. The road surface was truly horrid in several places. I particularly noticed the A422 is now very rough which will affect 25 times in a few weeks. Damn spray on gravel is a right menace.

I made the right decision (for me) to take the road bike. Still managed a PB albeit by just 3 seconds. It was a super evening all round.

Well done Gemma.
There is no secret ingredient

Simon Dighton
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Re: Club Handicap Championship RESULTS

Post by Simon Dighton » 22 Jun 2017 17:23

Official confirmation of what we all new - Gemma by a country mile. If you do beat your course PB by something like 8 mins then without doubt deserve to win, and with style - a really good ride, many congrats

Gemma Johnson 56.07 17.58 38.09 40
Simon Dighton 50.47 7.58 42.49 39
Roger Cutler 49.36 6.32 43.04 38
Keith Adcock 55.36 11.31 44.05 37
Jessica Rhode Jones 49.59 4.55 45.04 36
Phil Richards 54.15 8.07 46.08 35
Richard Kings 56.46 9.49 46.57 34
David Newns 53.55 8.30 47.00 33
Neil Orchard 54.17 8.30 47.00 32
Phil Gameson 55.45 7.46 47.59 31
Ian Taylor 56.08 6.22 49.46 30


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Re: Club Handicap Championship RESULTS

Post by dannewns » 23 Jun 2017 07:30

Well done Gemma thoroughly deserved!! Really enjoyed the event going to be entering as many club TTs as I can next year for sure! thanks again for the team who give up there free time and put these events on.

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