sat 5th May k34/25 WITH RESULTS

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martin mc
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sat 5th May k34/25 WITH RESULTS

Post by martin mc » 02 May 2018 07:17

The next round of our Club TT series takes place on Saturday 5th May at 14:00 on K34/25 course, details at, same as .
This is a straight out to the turn & back course so not essential to know the course beforehand. As always all riders are most welcome. Sign on & parking in layby on B4088 near junction with A422, just around corner from start.

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Re: sat 5th May k34/25

Post by JessRJ » 05 May 2018 17:51

Thanks for today Martin, I’d forgotten how far away the finish line feels on that course! I’ve also realised that despite taking my purse over to sign on, I got distracted and didn’t put any money in for me or Xav - sorry about that, I will pay double for both of us at the next club TT!

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Re: sat 5th May k34/25

Post by IanT » 05 May 2018 18:29

Big thanks to Martin for today - organiser, timekeeper, pushing off duties and results announcer - multi tasking of the highest calibre!

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Re: sat 5th May k34/25

Post by keith » 05 May 2018 19:57

Yes well done Martin great job .I suspect continental drift is at play on that course and the finnish does in fact move . I was a bit distracted by that big yellow thing in the sky as well .

martin mc
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Re: sat 5th May k34/25

Post by martin mc » 05 May 2018 21:28

Beautiful weather for todays TT. Times are as follows

1 Xavier Disley (Aerocoach) 0:58:50
2 Jessica Rhodes-Jones 1:00:20
3 Ian Taylor 1:07:09
4 James Tate 1:07:55
5 Keith Adcock 1:09:01
6 Helen Russell (Evesham Wheelers) 1:09:21

Well done all

Simon Dighton
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Re: sat 5th May k34/25 Handicap results

Post by Simon Dighton » 06 May 2018 11:27

Ian took the honours with a PB on what I always think is a pretty hard but interesting 25 TT course - enough lumps in it to really drain the legs. Keith and Jess not far off a PB either

Est Act H'cap H'cap time
Ian Taylor 68.05 67.09 14.05 53.04 40
Keith Adcock 68.36 69.01 14.36 54.25 39
Jessica Rhode Jones 59.37 60.20 5.37 54.43 38
James Tate 65.15 67.55 11.15 56.40 37


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Re: sat 5th May k34/25

Post by Yosser » 06 May 2018 20:09

Ian; yep Martin should be applauded, all that and competing in the Redditch Park Run beforehand (19 mins ish Martin). I think he needs some help, anyone?

Jess; that "I will pay double next time" line ranks up there with the Cheques in the post routine.

Keith; Never mind continental drift, it's the ending being in Finland that's the problem.

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