LMTT Handicap results

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LMTT Handicap results

Post by Simon Dighton » 10 Apr 2019 18:05

One of the most historic TT's in the UK and in my view the best one. A good still day for racing although the temperature was cold for the whole morning. However road conditions were good as evidenced by 6 PB's from the 7 Beacon riders. Top of the pile is Ian Taylor with an improvement on last year of approximately 12 minutes which was also good enough to win the event's best PB prize with Keith Adcock taking 2nd overall with a PB of over 6 minutes! This meant the scores were as follows with congrats to all - and if you have not ridden this year make a date in the diary for 2020.

Actual Handicap Handicap Points
Time Time
Ian Taylor 120.00 32.23 87.37 40
Keith Adcock 125.59 32.32 93.27 39
Roger Cutler 110.33 12.38 97.55 38
Nicholas Vipond 122.36 23.30 99.06 37
Ben Crone 113.45 14.28 99.17 36
Simon Dighton 109.35 9.45 99.50 35
Matt Clegg 102.54 1.43 101.11 34

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