Alternative Club Run (kinda): 31st May

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Alternative Club Run (kinda): 31st May

Post by dweben » 31 May 2015 17:00

Alternative club run on proper manly bikes, except Matt who used a CX bike... to Cannock

Lord Militant Paul Watkins (L -- I'm posting, so I'm assuming the mantle)
Major 'Helen Jamieson' Faffatron -- geddit??
Captain Ali 'Not so quick are you now, eh??' Hey
Private Matt 'don't understand flat bars or knobbly tyres' Clegg

We turned up, it rained, we set out, it rained a bit more, we got wet, then went happily slipping and sliding out way around the Dog and Monkey trails with Matt showing some impressive skills, or youthful madness, on his CX bike while Helen and Ali alternately swapped leading roles depending on the up and down nature of the trail. I was just all over the shop causing havoc and moaning about being stuck in the big ring :twisted:

No **flat**s... er, Ali did fall off his bike on an upward switchback, and Helen rather daintily dumped herself into some undergrowth and blamed me for it. Matt, as understand it, tried to be clever and a tree ambushed him. All in all great fun and all happily covered in mud/sand by the time we got back for coffee. :D


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