Track bike to commuter.....

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Track bike to commuter.....

Post by Hels147 » 15 May 2019 07:36

Ok, so I’m not too sure about whether I'm going to do any more track racing atm, so I have a bike currently sitting around doing nothing that I’d like to be able to use for commuting.

I’m assuming I can easily fit a front brake coz the fork already has a hole in, but what else? Am I best going for a single speed, rather than keeping it fixed as I’ll be commuting on it?

Any thoughts, advice, tips greatly appreciated.
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Re: Track bike to commuter.....

Post by petemarshall » 15 May 2019 14:14

Single speed. If you have a flip flop hub, that is it has a screw thread on both sides you can have a freewheel on one side and a fixed sproket on the other. If not you will have to replace the sproket with a thread on freewheel. Pick the ratio carefully. Better to spin out downhill than to run out of legs going up 😀
A freewheel obviously works only with a rear brake. If you can't fit a rear brake it will only be legal as a fixed with front brake.

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Re: Track bike to commuter.....

Post by Si_Walker » 20 May 2019 12:42

I use a single speed with a freewheel hub. Myself, I'm not happy using it as fixed in the traffic, although the wheel has a flip flop hub. The advice on choosing the correct size sprocket is important though and you need to consider the gradient of hills you are likely to encounter in that decision.
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