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Cycling research

Post by CakeStop » 09 Mar 2020 20:07

From Rebecca Lea

I am carrying out some research at the University of Wolverhampton into the effects of crank length on cycling performance. I was woundering if there would be any cyclists interested in taking part. This would involve a vo2 max and some other tests performed at the university. I can pass on further information regarding this if there is interested.

Many thanks
Rebecca Lea
R.L.Lea [AT]
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Re: Cycling research

Post by Cleggy » 19 Mar 2020 23:25

Hi Rebecca,

I realise this might be a little difficult given current circumstances but I'd be down for taking part in the study when possible. I've changed crank length a lot over the last couple of seasons so interested in the research area!

Best wishes,


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